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If your door is heavy, noisy or dropping on its own these are signs it needs attention. Failure to address these issues can lead to an expensive repair bill or potentially serious injury. We recommend frequent services to reduce wear and tear, keeping your door operational for longer.

Securadoor cover all types of motor, Residential & Commercial Door repairs. You may be after a new Garage Door spring, Roller Door repair or lock replacement and you can be rest assured a Garage Door expert will be on the job. Our fully mobile service is available throughout the Bay of Plenty and where possible we will fix the problem on the spot. We are highly experienced in all aspects of repairs on all makes & models and offer a prompt reliable service including the availability of A/H call-outs.

All Garage Doors require servicing. For Residential Doors we recommend 12 monthly, and Commercial & Industrial Doors either 3, 6 or 12 monthly depending on their usage. There is also DIY maintenance you can do for your Residential Garage Doors. We can arrange regular maintenance plans and remind you when your next service is due, keeping your door hassle free.

With the strict Health & Safety Laws in the Commercial & Industrial environment the safe operation of your doors is important. We can offer an inspection to assess the safety of your doors with recommendations to help reduce potential risks. We can put together a preventative maintenance programme to keep your doors operating safely.

Roller Door Repair

Our Servicing Includes

  • Visual inspection of door and adjustments to ensure safe operation
  • Check clearances, wire ropes and operation of door
  • Check & retention springs if required
  • Lube springs, hinges, wheels & bearings
  • Check auto opener including limits, sensitivity and fastenings
  • Inspect and adjust tension on automatic openers chain/cam belt
  • Check & lube motor worm gear, sprocket or drive cog

Broken Garage Door


Talk to the experts. We can fix your Residential & Commercial door problems.


Being an owner operator company with a wealth of experience you can be assured you will receive workmanship of the best standard.


We understand the importance of safe, trouble free Garage Doors and only supply top quality, trustworthy products.

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