Utilise lockdown and give your Garage Door some love

We are coming to the end of Level 4 lockdown thanks to everyone doing their part to combat COVID-19. With all this extra time at home we are sure you have ticked off a lot of those projects on your ‘To-Do’ list along with getting your house & car spick and span. Was Garage Door Maintenance one of those tasks? If not, this last weekend before things relax a little could be the perfect time to give your Garage Door a bit of love. Trust us, it will love you back for it.

There are a few things you can do yourself to help keep your Garage Door at its best, such as cleaning and lubrication. This also gives you the opportunity to spot any repair issues so you can get these sorted before your door comes to a stop, this always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times.

You can find advice & tips on how to maintain your Garage Door here.

Cleaning Roller Garage Door Track Guides